Ultra SpeedyMed

Ultra Speedy Med Services

Works with your specific needs:

  • We supply specialised transport cases
  • Or specialised courier cases are embedded with GPS and you can track your instruments to see exactly where they are in transit.
  • We track our drivers with GPS
  • We insure your products up to $200,000 per delivery.

How does Speedy Med Ultra work?

  • We have a meeting with you to establish what your specific needs are so we don’t charge you for something you don’t need.
  • Within 48 hours we get back to you with a proposal for your organisation.
  • You start using the service you need – with the peace of mind you have always wanted.


Get the Speedy Edge with LADS.

Technology such as LADS enables drivers to be despatched within seconds after booking. In fact we pride ourselves in having all our jobs despatched within 60 seconds of taking your booking.


LADS is a fully integrated call logging system. When you log a job it goes from the main screen to a dispatcher’s screen where he allocates a courier and the driver’s acknowledgment of that job dispatched to him happens within 60 seconds which you can see on your screen. Your job from start to finish has a constant process of self-checking going on in our system as late jobs flash red and cause dispatch to double check a driver.

When your job is delivered you will see the recipient’s name pop on your logging screen if you need to conduct a check-up. It will display the job’s full history from the time logged to the time dispatched, then acknowledged by the driver before lastly the time delivered and the customer’s name who received it.
LADS has an in build memory so it remembers every job you have ever done going back over a decade, this means your log in experience is super-fast.

Speedy is owned by a group who also own an IT company so the team are constantly updating their system. No 3rd party reliance giving the best at all times.