Online Logging (LADS or Logging and Dispatch system)

Speedy like any serious courier company of any worth has a fully integrated call logging system, when you log a job it goes from the main screen to a dispatchers screen where he allocates a courier and the drivers acknowledgment of that job dispatched to him happens within 60 seconds which you can see on your screen. If he doesn’t then we immediately call him and close any potential loop holes that in the past would have been met with a courier saying “it didn’t come down my pager”

Your job from start to finish has a constant process of self checking going on in our system as late jobs flash red and cause dispatch to double check a driver.

When your job is delivered you will see the recipients name pop on your logging screen if you need to conduct a check up. It will display the job’s full history from the time logged to the time dispatched, then acknowledged by the driver before lastly the time delivered and the customers name who received it.

Our logging system is available as an application that loads to your PC and presents a small car on your desk top.  A allocated client code is issued and you are up and going.

LADS logs jobs very fast as it remembers every job you have ever done going back over a decade, this means your experience logging any job that you would classify as a regular should take you between one and three seconds to key in and save.


Please feel free to call any of our staff  on 551-6888  or email so you can get the program link and install this program to your own computer.