Urgent Services- Sprint

Time Critical Service – your hour starts when you call us, not when a courier uplifts your consignment.  If you have a job that is a 20 minute drive and a courier comes in half an hour after you logged or called the job in, you can still expect your job to be there on the hour or before.


With our sprint service you can see your job on our online logging system, see when it was logged, dispatched, acknowledged by the courier and when it was delivered plus the name of who receives the goods all in real time.

A weight limit of 25kg applies (i.e. approx. 2 boxes of photocopy paper). Every 10 kg (or part thereof) in excess costs an additional $5.00. The benefit of sprint rates aside from the speed of the delivery is you are not charged by the number of packages but the total weight of the job.

You could have 5 items all weighing 5 kilos each that if sent by a traditional courier would get ticketed on every package. We don’t care about the number of items when you use a sprint service with us, we care about the size and weight. When you open an account with us you will receive a price schedule that sets out time frames and price for a courier to every suburb in Auckland.

One Hour Delivery
This is automatic on all 1 & 2 zone jobs such as the City to Onehunga/Otahuhu or City to Takapuna 90 Minute Delivery – Column A for 3 & 4 zones (goal set at 1 hour but may require an additional 30 minutes depending on traffic).

Dedicated Sprint Services
A dedicated vehicle (e.g. van hire) is available for those with special needs. Dedicated service if a client requests gives you a driver that will go point to point with no interruptions. The time frame will be advised when you call. Out of Auckland Urgent Delivery is available for point to point service on a one way kilometer charge basis. (24 Hour)

Extraordinary charges
An additional $4.50 applies if our courier is kept waiting longer than five minutes for the job to be ready.

Call out rates
Apply Saturday, Sunday & outside normal working hour’s which is 7.00 am to 6.00pm 6.00pm – 10.00pm $30.00
10.00pm – 5.00am $50.00,
Public Holidays $50.00

The cost of the job is the total of your normal rate plus the call out fee.