Non Urgent Services

Non Urgent 3 Hour Point To Point Service
Speedy Couriers Ltd provide a three hour service that covers just about all of Auckland.  The exceptions with longer delivery times can be seen on our coverage maps here. This service is perfect for that slightly slower job requirement that still needs the benefits of full accountability track and trace and monitoring of job throughout the trip and most importantly the care of your consignment handled gently into the vehicle and equally at the other end.

Speedy Couriers understands not everything comes in a neat cubic box, if you have ever watched online clips of couriers hurling boxes into the back of a transit van, you will know what we are talking about.

Furthermore not only are some items odd sizes, they can be really odd shapes like a bumper to a car. This cant be picked up by some courier in the conventional hub like system where its carried back to a depot and left in a sorting cage for some other driver to upift.  It needs the same driver that picks it up to also deliver it.

Speedy drivers have full insurance and public liability. They are also subject to the standard excess in the hundreds to have deducted off any claim so you can imagine with goods going through there hands from start to finish and having to gently handle and deliver to a destination, there is no where to run and hide citing some one elses fault if the goods are damaged. Our couriers understand your goods whether fragile or over-sized are there responsibility.

Cut off times for a Non Urgent Courier
The typical process for many courier companies on a same day or a standard service is the afternoon will have a cut off time that is too hard to make but the client still needs their job and is open til late. They cant pay top dollar on a premium sprint job so this is where we come in. If your goods for example are ready at 2.30 -3.00 pm and you know the client is open til 5.30 -6 pm, then we can take your goods. This gives clients a much greater sense of flexibility and we will if a client wants to uplift goods late in the day for delivery early the following morning although the 3 hour time frame still applies.