Become a Courier

Please take the time to read the information on becoming a Courier with Speedy.

Our Team
Our Operations team is located in Grafton; Administration team in Albany.
We have 2 Directors: Les Laufiso – Managing Director; and Duncan Cameron – Financial director.
Our Customer Service team consists of up to 6 people receiving and logging jobs, answering sales and account queries, and customer enquiries.

Courier Status
Our Owner-drivers are self-employed contractors working for themselves and contracting their services to Speedy. Therefore, as an Owner-driver, you are not an employee of Speedy. You are responsible for all fuel, maintenance, insurance, tax and GST returns.  We provide an IRD-approved ‘Buyer-created invoice” for you out of our record systems on every job, along with a cover sheet which is your invoice to us on all the work you do.  Therefore you need to be GST-registered if you intend to make the best of your Owner-driver status.

The work we do
Our main deliveries are auto parts. However, we do ALL work. Our focus is not just about getting new business but also supplying a good level of income to our contractors. In return, they aim to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service to our clients.

What do I need to be a Courier with Speedy?

  1. Have a valid NZ drivers license – Restricted must progress to a Full license as soon as possible.
  2. Van or Station-wagon (see next paragraph).
  3. Be GST registered.
  4. Strong geographical knowledge of Auckland
  5. Understand you are working for yourself.
  6. Be at work each day OR provide a relief driver to cover you.
  7. A friendly positive attitude.

You must have the following:

  • Van or Wagon
  • No older than 8 years,
  • Must be White or Black,
  • You will be required to paint the vehicle within 1 month.
  • Enough funds to accommodate for 2 months.

Hours of Work
You are expected to be available for work between 7am to 6pm. Although in reality, you will more likely work between 8 am to 5.30 pm.

What do we look for in our drivers?
Background checks with former employers will be done to ascertain your level of knowledge and skill. Also, we want to make sure you have the finances to meet the set-up and on-going costs of being a Contractor. Drivers with prior experience have a huge advantage to first-time couriers. However, we do look at “potential” in inexperienced couriers as well.

Most importantly, we ensure any potential contractor has the character to maintain the standards set by Management. Any person representing Speedy must be of good character, honest and friendly, customer focused, and above all, have integrity to do the best for themselves and their family.

Open door policy
Like any business we have seen many come and go, and we are proud of the fact many drivers have been with us 10 years and longer. We have an open door policy that if you leave, the door is always open should wish to return. In many cases there are drivers on the fleet that fall into this category.

How will the initial start-up period work?
We pay once a month, on the 1st business day of each month.

You start work on 1st March. Your 1st payment for work done in March will be: 1st May. You will need funds to cover your initial petrol costs for 2 months before you can receive a company fuel card that deducts your earnings thereafter.

We estimate our drivers use around $50 – $60 a day in fuel.  Average 21 days per month of work. Estimate fuel costs: $2,000 – $2,400 for the 1st 2 months.

Then add in your personal bills, living expenses and you need finances to last.

Driver payments

We transfer payments to your designated bank account on the 1st working day of every month.

We provide a daily retainer of $150 – paid for the 1st month. Average 21 days work per month equals $3150. Experienced drivers earn min. $200 daily for the 1st month. However, NO retainer is paid to drivers with 3 years courier experience.

Courier Invoices & Statement Sheets
Our accounts staff will email (or post) monthly job sheets displaying each job you have done from the previous week. Any enquiries about your jobs must be made by the end of the month. This allows our staff enough time to sort out the query for you. Therefore, all jobs can then be confirmed by month’s end.

Monthly summary sheets + fuel sheets will be posted/emailed within the 1st week of the new month.

1 kit costs $170. Winter gear is additional.

Driver Training
Training entails getting comfortable with our technology and getting familiar with customer locations, since many of our customers log jobs to regular destination points. Potential drivers can ride along with one of our contractors for the day.

Training periods differ from person to person. Experienced drivers require generally spend a couple of hours learning to use our technology. New drivers may require a week’s training.

Systems and Communication Devices
We are with 2 DEGREES. At the time of writing (Sept 2016), we use Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphones to receive jobs.

It is company policy for our drivers to have Carriers Liability at $55 per month. Each year, our Insurer reviews our premiums based on claims made throughout the year. Contractors are always advised if there is an increase in premiums.

You must have, at minimum, 3rd-party vehicle insurance. Full insurance is preferable. Should any contractor wish to have their own Carriers Liability, a certificate copy must be given to show proof.

Fuel Cards
Company fuel cards are available after 2 months of work.  We have Z cards.

Deductions occur at the end of every month.

  • All fuel companies require a direct debit when they issue a card to an individual.
  • You will be deducted once a month.
  • Fuel used during the month will be deducted by the fuel company at the end of the month.
  • This means, income earned during February which is to be paid on the 1st working day of April, will include fuel used for March.


  • Black/white Van or Wagon – no older than 8 years old.
  • Restricted-licence drivers must obtain their Full licences.
  • This is your business. You are not an employee. You are a self-employed owner-driver contracting your vehicle to Speedy. If you do not turn up to work for a day, you do not earn any money for that day.
  • GST-registered.
  • Start up funds to cover fuel, maintenance, insurance etc. as well as living costs.
  • Our aim at Speedy is to provide our contractors with plenty of work, a good work environment and uncapped earning capacity. We in return look for our contractors to be men and women with integrity, top work ethics, and a friendly manner.

If you fit this profile, we welcome you to Speedy.