Associated companies

Strata Networks Ltd

Strata was founded in 2004 out of the acute awareness that the Sprint Courier industry needs considerable computing power behind it. These days, powerful servers in data centres, sophisticated messaging in real time, and GPS tracking of vehicles are all just basic expectations.

Strata Networks quickly became a force of its own with a team of highly qualified professionals looking after multiple countries and time zones as well as all of NZ. Specialising in VOIP technology, server management, remote hosting, or fixing problems via our call-centre in real time, Strata ensures top-notch customer service and care for it’s substantial client base.

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Stratanet Ltd

Stratanet was the natural side company born out of ordinary New Zealanders looking at the ISP providers out there and realising it could be done faster and better with a “can-do Kiwi attitude”. We trialled wireless broadcast off the Sky Tower to a community some 53 km’s out of Auckland where there was no mobile phone service and only dial-up internet. Today, that rural town receives faster internet speed than many people in the City. And the rest – as they say – is history.

Whether in remote rural communities or dense urban areas, Strata boasts a superior back-end to many of the larger suppliers whom tout endless data or no data caps but fail miserably in the area of consistent speed.

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